2017 VADMO AAA Sales Blitz during ABA

  • 17 Jan 2017
  • Cleveland, Ohio


(depends on selected options)

Base fee:
  • This is available to those who have paid the full price for their first sheet and want to submit more an additional sheet or sheets.
  • This type is available to those who will be supplying profile sheets and trinkets/gifts and will not be visiting AAA offices.
  • This registration type is for those wishing to participate as a volunteer delivering the notebooks and who would like to submit their own information.

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AAA Sales Blitz during ABA 


VADMO on a Sales Blitz to AAA Offices during ABA conference January 14-17, 2017 in Cleveland, Ohio.  We will plan to visit 10 AAA offices in the area.

Teams of VADMO members will head out in rental cars to make visits to different AAA offices. We will deliver notebooks to each AAA office that will contain profile sheets from participating DMOs and attractions, along with canvas bag filled with "Goodies" supplied by the participants to be shared with the staff in each of the AAA offices that we visit.


The actual Blitz will occur on Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Cost to participate will be $100.00 and you will need to provide 10 profile sheets in plastic protective sleeves and a minimum of 10 gifts/trinkets since we will be visiting 10 AAA offices. If you will only be sending materials then the cost is $125.00.  If you are adding any additional profile sheets, the cost is $80.00 per sheet. Please register using the registration links to the left.


Participants will be responsible for shipping the necessary materials to Kevin Costello.  Further information will be provided upon registration.

What will the AAA Offices receive?

►Each AAA office will receive a Resource Binder with profile sheets for each participating DMO, Attraction or Business. Teams will review each binder page-by-page with the appropriate AAA staff whenever possible.

►Each AAA office will receive one or two (depending on staff size) goody bags containing items supplied by participating organizations to be shared with the staff in each office.

What will participating DMOs, Attractions & Businesses get?

►All participants will have their profile sheet included in each Resource Binder, a copy of which will be left in each office that we visit. Whenever possible, the teams will review each page of the Resource Binder with the AAA staff member(s) with whom they meet….not simply their own page.

►All participants will get a report on the visits by each team so that they may follow-up on any leads.

If you have any questions, please contact Sue Wiles (VADMO office) at 540-904-4710.

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